The Smurfs Dance Party - Nintendo Wii

The Smurfs Dance Party - Nintendo Wii
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Product Description

Platform: Nintendo Wii

Product Description

The Smurfs are back in an all new dancing video game, based on the best-selling Wii games, Just Dance & Just Dance 2. Kids and parents will dance to popular, top of the chart songs in this fun, high-energy game with their favorite Smurfs characters. The Smurfs' game is based on Sony & Columbia Pictures’ upcoming hybrid live-action/CGI blockbuster movie releasing July 29, 2011.

From the Manufacturer

The Smurfs Dance Party

The Smurfs are back in The Smurfs Dance Party, an all-new dancing video game based on the best-selling Wii games, Just Dance & Just Dance 2. The Smurfs Dance Party is based on Sony Pictures Animation & Columbia Pictures' upcoming hybrid live-action/CGI blockbuster movie releasing July 29, 2011.

The track list for The Smurfs Dance Party mixes a collection of chart-topping pop tunes with classic dance hits, including Katy Perry's One of the BoysBarbra Streisand, and Walk This Way, among many other famous songs kids and parents will instantly recognize. In addition to popular pop, rock and dance tunes, The Smurfs Dance Party also features classic original songs from The Smurfs, including Smurfberry-licious and Gargamel.


Product Features

  • Dance with friends to chart-topping singles like Selena Gomez and Aly & AJ! - Dance with the movie's legendary characters and heroes: Papa Smurf, Smurfette, Clumsy Smurf and more!
  • Real moves - Iconic, easy to follow dance moves choreographed by real experts in different styles of music!
  • ll new modes and songs - Party to hours of fun multi-player modes for kids and parents!
  • Tracks available in The Smurfs Dance Party are:

    1. A Year Without Rain
    2. Barbra Streisand
    3. Blame It On The Boogie
    4. Boom-Shak-A-Lak
    5. Everybody Up
    6. Gargamel
    7. Go Go Go Get It
    8. Higher
    9. I Wanna Dance With Somebody
    10. Just the Way You Are
    11. Lala Song
    12. Like Whoa
           13. More Than A Name
    14. Mr. Smurftastic
    15. One Of The Boys
    16. Smurfberry-licious
    17. The Noisy Smurf
    18. Very Blue Moon
    19. Walk This Way
    20. We Have Us
    21. We Like To Smurf It
    22. Welcome To NY
    23. Who Let The Smurfs Out?

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Meet The Smurfs

Meet The Smurfs

With a hundred different Smurfs running around Smurf village, give or take a Smurf, it can be a difficult task to keep everybody happy. You have to have patience, brains, maturity…and perhaps a beard. As the wise leader, Papa Smurf truly embodies these qualities and really knows how to handle his Smurfs. When Papa's magic foretells of impending disaster, he faces his biggest challenge yet: going toe-to-toe with Gargamel and leading the Smurfs safely through New York City!


There's something special about Smurfette. Whether it's her beauty, sweet voice, charming personality, or the fact that she is the ONLY girl among so many boys, she makes the other Smurfs go absolutely gaga. With a smart, savvy attitude, she'll prove what a pint-sized punch she has when she comes face-to-face with her creator.


If it wasn't for bad luck, Clumsy Smurf wouldn't have any luck at all – wherever he goes, calamity is sure to follow. Clumsy's good intentions pave the road for trouble – and this time the road he chooses leads the Smurfs into a strange new place: New York City. But everyone has a hero inside of them, and when his other Smurfs need help, Clumsy will prove that you can be more than a name.


If every village has its idiot, then every village also has a Brainy. Overeager and a bit over-educated, he's a "know-it-all" who really doesn't…know it all. Brainy is Papa's self-appointed right-hand Smurf, even if he is annoying at times with his encyclopedic knowledge. He may just be the Smurf you want to cast a spell when Papa's not around.


Easily distinguished by his kilt, roguish sideburns, rugged good looks, and Scottish accent, Gutsy has the bravado to take risks. He's quick to jump headlong into any adventure; Smurfs first, and ask questions later.


Before determining that every Smurf is all about happiness, sunshine, and rainbows, you need to meet Grouchy Smurf. He hates sunshine, rainbows make him sick, and happiness makes him unhappy. However, somewhere underneath all the scowling and grouching is a heart of gold.


If ugly had a name, it would be "Gargamel," and if obsession had a face, it would look like Gargamel. This evil wizard is consumed by all things Smurf. They're all he thinks about, all he talks about, and all he's ever wanted! Gargamel will do anything to capture a Smurf, including chase them to New York City, all in the hope of becoming the most powerful wizard in the world.

Smurf TM

SMURFS™ & © Peyo 2011 Licensed through Lafig Belgium/IMPS. The Smurfs, the Movie © 2011 Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc. and Sony Pictures Animation Inc. All Rights Reserved.


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