Disc Repair Service

Don't throw away those old scratched up disc (resurface them) Theres nothing wrong with them ,a simple 5 minute process with our machine can make it look like new again,

The reason disc won't play is all the scratches it will not allow the photo eye to read the programming, so remove the scratches and the photo eye can read the disc,

our machines will repair

99% will look like new again after resurfacing
1% will look great but not like new

if you fall into the category of 1 % the game will usually work ,if the Top of disc  has not been damaged,.resurfacing will not take out razor slices, cracks in disc,or if the top of the disc has been scratched,
Our Disc Repair Machines — voted #1 in disc repair...and #1 in user satisfaction!
Restore all types of discs - CDs, Books on CD, DVDs, Game Discs-including Blu-ray.

Full service machines - remove light to deep scratches. Neat, clean, simple to use.
No hand finishing! Lowest cost per repair!  
Please contact us for pricing above 500 disc
Fast turn over guaranteed results.
Orders received under 100 disc will be refurbished and mailed out within 24 hours of receiving.
Orders of 100 disc depending on size will be refurbished 48-72 hours of receiving
Price listed does not include shipping charges: Shipping too and from is customers responsibility.
*******PLEASE READ - Important *******
The new wii u, ps 3,ps 4 and Xbox one can be buffed only to take out light scratches if there are heavy gouges or scratches ,we cannot fix they have a special finish that is different then all older disc

Please contact us for a invoice for disc repair,


Quantity Price
01-25 $4.00
26 - 50 $3.75
51  - 100  $3.50
101-500+ $3.00
Please note, if severly scratched and extra grinding time needed to repair disc there will be a added charge, also it does not happen often,but in the case of a disc getting damaged do to resurfacing the disc will be returned but will not be replaced, 1 in 10,000 there is a issue 
please contact us for Disc Repair Service